Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Mathician?

    Mathician is game for Android phones and tables.
  • Is it possible to remove the advertisements?

    Yes, if you support the further development of the game by donating a small amount of money (approx. $1), the advertisement banners and interstitial will be removed as a thanks of our appreciation. You can support development by going to settings and click 'Support development'. This is, of course, a one time investment!
  • Can I change the keyboard layout?

    Yes! By default Mathician uses a calculator layout (meaning the top numbers are 7, 8 and 9), but you can change it to a phone style layout (meaning the top numbers are 1, 2 and 3). To do so, from the Main Menu go to Settings (the gear icon) and click the option labeled 'Keyboard Layout'.
  • Whats the difference between Facebook, Native and Google Play?

    Mathician uses an account to track your progress, save your statistics and play against other players. In general there are two types of account: Native and Facebook. The difference between a Native and Facebook account is that with a Facebook account you can play 1 vs 1 games against your Facebook friends (they don't have to play Mathician already), people you have in your contact list (they have to play Mathician already) and random opponents. With a Native account you can only play against people in your address book or select random opponents. One of these accounts is necessary to be able to play Mathician. You need to use Google Play to be able to unlock achievements and track your scores on the leaderboards. This account is completely separated from your Mathician account and is not mandatory (although then you won't be able to unlock achievements and use the leaderboards).
  • I don't see my scores on the leaderboards!

    If you linked your google account and don't see your scores pop-up on the website, you have to change the visibility of Mathician to public in your Google account.
    Once there, change the visibility of Mathician to 'public'.
  • Will my score be saved if I'm not connected?

    Yes! When you play Mathician and beat your own highscore, it will be pushed to the Mathician server when the connection has been restored or when you start Mathician (and there is a connection available).
  • How can I get a star next to my name?

    If you finish every level, a star will be added to your name. If you finish every level with at least 2 stars, you will have 2 stars added to your name and if you finish every level with three stars you will have 3 stars added to your name and you will earn the 'Mathician' achievement!
  • Can I use the same Mathician account on more than one device?

    Yes you can! Multplayer games, statistics, achievements and your singleplayer highscores will be synchronized. The only thing that will not be synchronized is your singleplayer progress, but this might change in the future.
  • What is the difference between highscores and leaderboards?

    Highscores are kept for each singleplayer level. You don't need Google Play for that. The highscores are visible on the Mathician website and are all-time highscores. The leaderboards are Google Play leaderboards. Each skill tester level (levels with a crown) have a designated Google Play leaderboard. These leaderboards are based on daily scores, but they also feature a weekly and all-time leaderboard. Additionally, these leaderboards have the possibility to be viewed with players only in your 'Circles' (in stead of public) and they can be viewed in the 'Google Play Games' app ( In this way you can compete on a daily basis against your friends (circles) or the world (public). There are 5 leaderboards: Bronze crown, Silver crown, Gold crown, Diamond crown and Platinum crown. Mathician also features two additional leaderboards (equations made and score) which accumulates your score on a daily basis. This means that the all-time leader of the equations made leaderboard is the person who made the most equations on a single day.
  • How is my score calculated?

    The score calculation is based upon a number of things: the maximum of the operands (the basic score), the operator (x and / give 1.5 times the basic score), a time bonus (depending on the number of digits of the answer and how fast you entered the answer) and a chain bonus (correctly answering more than one equation in the time bonus frame). A chain bonus grows each time you correctly answer an equation within the time bonus frame. A time bonus is rewarded if the answer is given in 500ms + (500ms x digit count), so for the answer 15 you have max. 1 second, for the answer 561 you have 1.5 seconds). The bonus is 10% of the base score times the number of tenths of a second below the max. time bonus frame. Each consecutive time bonus is considered a chain and the chain score is the base score times (chain length x 0.25).
  • Can I logout from my account?

    Yes you can. You can logout and login from Google Play (achievements and leaderboards) and you can logout from Mathician (which will automatically log you out from Google Play if applicable too). To do so, in the Main Menu click on Settings and click the option labeled 'Logout from Mathician' to completely logout or click the option labeled 'Google Play' to login or logout from Google Play.
  • Why Google Play for achievements and leaderboards?

    We think Google has done a great job on this platform and we think it will grow steadily in the future and integrate even more with other Google services. And although we're not happy with the fact that you actually need a Google+ account, we think it was the best choice since other platforms (e.g. SwarmConnect) also require you to login with an account.
  • Where are all the permissions needed for?

    Mathician uses a bunch of permissions to function properly. We value your privacy and trust in us, so we want to assure you that we *DO NOT* do anything that might impact your privacy or change your system settings. Here's a list with an explanation:

    Used to be able to communicate with internet and check if a connection is available.

    Needed to check which of your phone contacts play the game. Mathician does NOT send any data of your contacts to the server. In stead it tracks other players by using an irreversibly code (meaning we can match players but cannot extract any contact information about them).

    Needed to vibrate the phone on notifications

    Used to check which e-mail accounts are registered on your device. This will only be used when registering a native account. Mathician does not spam or send any other account information to the server (apart from the account you selected)

    Used to trigger the message engine upon start-up of your device.

    Used to be able to let you buy the in-game purchases
  • Where does the name Mathician come from?

    The game challenges you to become a Magician in math, so Math + Magician = Mathician. It's not related to Mathematician in any way, the game also doesn't try to let you become that :)