About Kheng


Type Amount
Equations made 323
Single player games played 28
Divisions made 45
Multiplications made 43
Substractions made 119
Additions made 153
Highest chain score 296

Achievements unlocked

Achievement Name Progress
Star player Locked
Five times better Locked
Easy pickings Locked
Sharer Locked
Casual player Locked
Chained Locked
Easy as PI :) Locked
Crowned Locked
Endured a journey Locked
Beginner Locked
Novice Locked
Competent Locked
Proficient Locked
Expert Locked
Master Locked
Chainmail vest Locked
Multiplayer winner Locked
From zero to hero! Locked
Bronze player Locked
Silver player Locked
Gold player Locked
Diamond player Locked
Platinum player Locked
Facebooked Locked
Gooooooooooooogle Locked
You're a star! Locked
Big star! Locked
Mathician Locked
Oh noes! Locked
Started the big climb! Locked
Halfway to the top! Locked
Climbed the mountain Locked

Games played

Level Played # times Highest score Position
1 12 265 283
2 8 197 586
3 2 239 725
4 1 342 170
5 1 1185 304
6 4 506 254


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